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A date-of-birth certificate from Panchayat, Municipality or a school leaving certificate is essential for admission


  • Registration is compulsory before admission. 
  • The registration of a child is not a guarantee for admission which is subject to vacancies available. 
  • Admission to other classes is granted through promotion from the previous class passed or through an Entrance Test. 
  • For the Boarding House the child can be admitted at the age of six plus.
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Fees is required to be paid for all the 12 months.
Term charges are payable at the beginning of each term and the annual charges at the beginning of the 1st term or at the time of admission.
All fees is required to be paid in advance by the 7th of every month, failing which a late-fee fine will be charged upto 15th of the month.
In case the school dues are not paid by the 15th, the name of the student will be struck off the rolls and he or she may be required to seek readmission after payment of all the outstanding dues and the readmission fees.
Three months notice, in writing or payment of three months tuition fee is required for the withdrawal of a student. Fees for the full term must be paid if a student is withdrawn during the 2nd term.
The security deposit will be refunded when the student is withdrawn, but will be forfeited if not claimed with in a year.
No fee is refundable

 Scholars Home provides a total schoarship of ₹10 lakh each year. These scholarships are given to exemplary students.

In case of withdrawal, security deposit will be refunded but it will be forfeited if not claimed within a year. A three months advanced written notice is required for withdrawal during the session (April to March). In lieu of notice, fee for three months will be charged. In case of WITHDRAWAL AT THE END OF THE SESSION 2016-2017, the office should be informed in writing by 3rd April 2017, after which the notice period fee for three months along-with school dues will be charged even if the student does not join the next class